Tarik – Roti Bakar and Teh tarik near bugis

Tarik, a charming hole-in-the-wall eatery that beckons with the irresistible allure of freshly pulled teh tarik. Complementing their amazing tea is their indulgent yet comforting Roti Bakar – toasted bread adorned with velvety kaya and generous butter. Tucked away from the bustling streets right outside the sultan mosque, Tarik unveils itself as a true hidden gem, waiting to be discovered by those seeking authentic teh tarik. When you find yourself in the vicinity, don’t miss the chance to try them. They also sell their teh tarik by boxes and bags to takeaway for your family and friends.

Tarik Menu

Food we Ordered

Roti Bakar $2.50

The seemingly simple roti bakar was a revelation. The expertly toasted bread offered a delightful contrast of textures, with a crisp exterior and a fluffy interior, and a perfect kaya to egg ratio inside.

Teh Tarik – $2

This sweet, frothy teh tarik stood out with its impressive thickness, compared to the often watered-down versions found elsewhere, leaving an authentic and satisfying taste on my palate. A must try.

Is Tarik Worth it?

Tarik stands as a testament to the hidden treasures awaiting discovery. With its elevated teh tarik and perfect Roti Bakar, a visit to Tarik is worth the travel. I can’t wait to try the different types of teh tarik they offer the next time I’m nearby. I can’t wait to return when time permits. Tarik is affordable and I highly recommend it a for breakfast or a mid afternoon snack.

Where is it located?


+65 68265040
92 Arab St, #01-02,
Store hours
8 am-10 pm
8 am-10 pm
8 am-10 pm
8 am-10 pm
8 am-10 pm
8 am-10 pm
8 am-10 pm

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