Bollywood Farms – Hidden cafe to bring your family

Previously known as Bollywood Veggies before 2021, Bollywood Farms is a quaint vegetable garden farm with a small cafe. Entrance is free and the public are encouraged to roam and explore the farm area. They have lots of quirky and funny signs posted up around the farm for your reading pleasure. It’s a perfect place to take your kids and family for an off the beaten path trip down memory lane. It’s also pet friendly, and I’ve seen people bring their dogs and also cats for lunch. There are lots of free parking space as well. Be sure to bring some mosquito repellant and an umbrella if you’re heading to the gardens for a stroll.

Bollywood Farms Menu

Food we Ordered

Bollywood Farms – Hidden cafe to bring your families

Nasi Lemak Platter ($14)

The fragrant coconut rice and spicy sambal anchoring the plate were excellent, but the array of 9 side dishes from crunchy fried chicken to cooling cucumber slices really made this nasi lemak shine by providing an abundance of contrasting textures and flavors that blended together in perfect harmony. With so many thoughtfully prepared components, this nasi lemak offered a wonderfully diverse and satisfying culinary experience in one plate. It consists of blue pea coconut rice, egg, otah, peanuts, cucumber, sambal, ikan bilis, sambal veggies, chicken wing and moringa tempura.

Bollywood Farms – Hidden cafe to bring your families

Warrior’s Platter ($14)

Each set comes with sambal fish, chicken curry, aloo gobi, dhal, moringa tempura, raita and pappadum with a choice of rice or prata as a carb. This Indian food platter was a delicious and satisfying meal. The sambal fish was flaky and flavorful, the chicken curry was rich and creamy, and the aloo gobi was perfectly spiced. The raita and pappadum were a nice touch, and crispy moringa tempura left me craving for more.

Bollywood Farms – Hidden cafe to bring your families

Western Breakfast ($10)

The western breakfast platter was a straightforward offering with baked beans, toast, sausage, and scrambled eggs. However, the experience was let down by the overfried hashbrown, which was unfortunately extremely hard and dry. I would skip this and try the other platters instead.

Bollywood Farms – Hidden cafe to bring your families

Afternoon lunch crowd with lots of families

Bollywood Farms – Hidden cafe to bring your families

Entrance to Poison Ivy Cafe

Is Bollywood Farms Worth it?

Overall, Bollywood Farms proves to be a charming and family-friendly destination, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing visitors to bask in the beauty of nature. It allows for quality time with loved ones, and the addition of a delightful cafe with delicious food makes it an all-around delightful experience for both adults and children alike.

Where is it located?

Bollywood Farms

+65 6898 5001

100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026

Store hours
10 am-4 pm
7 am-4 pm
7 am-6 pm
7 am-6 pm

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