The Medicinal Garden Kit: Your Natural Backyard Pharmacy


If you’re an herbalist, biologist, or a food scientist with a passion for natural remedies and sustainable living, we have something truly remarkable to share with you. Imagine having your own backyard pharmacy, filled with plants that can help treat various ailments and promote overall well-being. Introducing the Medicinal Garden Kit – a comprehensive collection of 10 carefully curated plant seeds that will empower you to grow your own medicinal herbs and take control of your health naturally.

Inside Your Medicinal Garden Kit

Inside each Medicinal Garden Kit, you’ll find 10 smaller packages, each containing a different type of seed. These high-quality, NON-GMO seeds are carefully sourced and packaged right here in the US. With a total of 2,409 seeds at your disposal, this kit provides everything you need to start your very own medicinal garden.

A Comprehensive Guide: From Seeds to Remedies

Even if you’ve never planted anything before, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Alongside the seeds, you’ll receive our free Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies. This guide is designed to walk you through every step of the process – from planting and growing to harvesting and utilizing the medicinal properties of each plant.

In this guide, we provide detailed instructions on how to care for each plant in your garden. You’ll learn about optimal soil conditions, watering techniques, and harvesting methods specific to each herb. Additionally, we delve into the rich history and traditional uses of these plants in various cultures around the world.

Exclusive Seed Collection

What sets our Medicinal Garden Kit apart is that these 10 seeds cannot be found together anywhere else. As someone who has spent years searching for a convenient way to cultivate a diverse range of medicinal herbs in my backyard, I understand the frustration of piecing together individual seed packets from different sources. That’s why I created this kit – to save you time and effort in gathering all the essentials.

A Worthwhile Investment

You may be wondering about the cost of this unique Medicinal Garden Kit. Consider this: the average American spends $1,742 on pharmaceutical products each year. By investing in your own backyard pharmacy, you have the opportunity to significantly reduce that expense. Imagine being able to rely on nature’s remedies instead of relying solely on synthetic medications.

Moreover, the value of this kit extends far beyond monetary savings. By growing and utilizing these medicinal plants, you are investing in something much more important – your health. The power of nature is boundless, and with this garden, you’ll have a wide range of natural remedies at your fingertips.

Don’t Wait, Take Control of Your Health Now

Don’t take your health for granted like I did. Waiting until illness or discomfort strikes is not the solution. Start taking proactive steps towards maintaining your well-being by embracing the healing potential of nature. With just a few clicks, you can have the Medicinal Garden Kit delivered right to your doorstep, ready to transform your backyard into a thriving sanctuary of wellness.

Click here to embark on this incredible journey towards self-sufficiency and holistic health. Invest in your well-being and enjoy the countless benefits that come from nurturing your own medicinal garden.

With your seeds kit, you’ll also receive a FREE copy of Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies. This guide will show you how to turn these 10 plants into tinctures, ointments, salves, poultices, decoctions, infusions, essential oils —all in minute detail so you can follow our guide even if you’ve never made an herbal medicine in your life.

About Founder Nicole Apelian, Ph.D: A Journey from Biology to Herbalism

Nicole Apelian, Ph.D, is a remarkable individual who wears many hats – she is a mother, an herbalist, a survival skills instructor, and a biologist. Her journey into the world of herbal medicine and natural remedies began with her studies in biology at McGill University. However, it was her time spent living amongst the San Bushmen in the Kalahari desert that truly shaped her understanding of the power of nature’s provisions.

Embracing Traditional Wisdom: Learning from the San Bushmen

During her years living with the San Bushmen, one of the oldest cultures on Earth, Nicole witnessed their deep connection to the land and their reliance on its resources for food and medicine. The San have mastered the art of utilizing plants for healing purposes and maintaining good health. Their ability to live well into old age without relying on pharmaceuticals or hospitals left a lasting impression on Nicole.

Confronting Multiple Sclerosis: A Personal Battle

At just 29 years old, Nicole received a life-changing diagnosis – Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This autoimmune condition causes the immune system to attack the brain and spinal cord, leading to debilitating symptoms and chronic pain. Nicole found herself in constant agony, often confined to a wheelchair.

Seeking Alternative Solutions: Nurturing Nature’s Pharmacy

Disenchanted with Western treatments that offered little relief, Nicole turned to alternative remedies cultivated in her own backyard. Over the past two decades, she has successfully managed her MS using natural remedies grown right at home. What was once a mere backyard transformed into her personal pharmacy – a sanctuary teeming with medicinal plants capable of alleviating pain and promoting overall well-being.

Thriving Against All Odds: From Wheelchair-Bound to Wilderness Survivor

Nicole’s commitment to harnessing nature’s healing powers became even more evident when she participated in History Channel’s TV show, Alone, in 2015. For an astounding 57 days, she survived entirely on her skills and the resources provided by the wilderness. This incredible feat not only showcased her resilience but also demonstrated the effectiveness of natural remedies in maintaining optimal health even under extreme conditions.

The Backyard Pharmacy: Empowering Others

Today, Nicole relies solely on her backyard pharmacy for all her family’s health needs. From pain relief to treating common ailments like colds and fevers, she has successfully replaced conventional pharmacies with her own self-sufficient haven. Her journey has inspired countless individuals to explore the power of herbal medicine and embrace a more holistic approach to well-being.

In conclusion, Nicole Apelian’s remarkable journey from biology to herbalism is a testament to the transformative potential of nature’s remedies. Her personal battle with Multiple Sclerosis led her to discover the immense healing properties found within plants grown in her backyard. By sharing her knowledge and experiences, Nicole empowers others to tap into their own backyard pharmacies and embrace the remarkable benefits of herbal medicine.

Click here to embark on this incredible journey towards self-sufficiency and holistic health. Invest in your well-being and enjoy the countless benefits that come from nurturing your own medicinal garden.

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