Lazywaist X mtm labo Barbie Exhibition

With the advent of the Barbie movie, a remarkable collaboration between Lazywaist & mtm labo has come to life—a captivating journey centered around embracing differences.


Lazywaist is dedicated to empowering women to look and feel body confident in all shapes and sizes, in every way. The shape is a 9-steel boned shaper which helps to sculpt and shape your waistline as you gradually drop the hook sizes to achieve that hourglass figure. This product trims the waist fat pockets and helps to tuck in tummy pouches to accentuate the natural body curves.

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We had the privilege to take a sneak peek of Jian Yang‘s rare and exclusive Barbie collection.

Beauty in Diversity

In collaboration with Jian Yang, the world’s second largest collector of Barbie Dolls, there will be a showcase of over 200 dolls from his whooping collection of 12,000. Barbie dolls of different body shapes, colours, conditions and occupations. All handpicked personally by Kelly, this exhibition will serve to signify how we should all embrace our differences and celebrate the innate beauty we have.

mtm labo

Self-love and embracing differences are continuous processes of a beautiful journey for mtm labo. In line with mtm labo’s 20 anniversary, mtm labo proudly present an extraordinary collection from the Asia’s largest collector of Barbie dolls, Jian Yang.

Through the display with a broad presentation of gender, age, skin tones and body shapes, mtm labo aims to promote acceptance and celebration of the multifaceted nature of beauty as well as to foster inclusivity.

In line with mtm labo’s 20th anniversary, this campaign seeks to celebrate the past two decades of the brand embracing each unique customer and to continuously welcome new forms of beauty.

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Chan family bakery

Every event deserves a touch of delectable delights. In the case of this special occasion, Chan Family Bakery added an exclusive assortment of pastries with a delightful Barbie theme. Check out their signature pastries here

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